Teresa Grasby is a Calgary, Alberta artist, and the owner operator of the Grasby Art School in Bowness, Calgary.














As a third generation Calgarian, with a background in environmental science, Teresa's artwork is inspired by her appreciation of local Alberta plants and landscapes. Whether it is a aspen forest floor, or a vast prairie landscape, Teresa is fascinated by complex composition, colour harmony, and the unexpected shimmer and transparency of metallic hues.  Teresa creates large, whimsical works of art which communicate her energetic spirit and optimism.   



















Teresa's natural artistic ability was recognized at a young age when she was chosen to participate in a 'gifted' children's art program. She continued to grow as an artist and was awarded the Wess Irwin Art Scholarship. Teresa went on to earn a minor in art while pursuing her B.Sc. degree at the University of Calgary. For her efforts she received the Undergraduate Merit Award.


In her work, Teresa tends to stay away from hard architectural lines and focuses more on spontaneous, fluid organic forms. Her artwork is sensitive, easy-going, spirited and flamboyant. 
















Teresa's artwork has been sold in the Calgary area through Calyx Distinctive Arts, the Artspace Gallery, the Guilded Gallery, the Leighton Art Centre, the Saffron Gallery, Artsastray, and is presently available through the Grasby Art Studio in Bowness, NW Calgary. Articles about the studio have been published in Avenue magazine, the Calgary Journal, and the Spectator Tribune.


 TERESA GRASBY fine artist